Cloudy with a chance of cannonballs


Unity, C#


Gameplay programming, Game Design


~100 Hours

Project Description

Cloudy with a Chance of Cannonballs is a local PvP game, in which you battle against your friends with airships! Your ship has cannons on either side that can shoot different kinds of cannonballs in the direction of your opponents. Supply drops will float up above the clouds, giving you all kinds of power-ups like a speed boost, repairing your ship, changing your ammo type, faster fire rate. However, sometimes the drop will be a bomb that will damage your ship! You might also encounter a special event such as a storm that sweeps your ship away or an armageddon that fills the arena with bombs.

The game was made in Unity with a team of 6 students over the course of a semester. The game was voted by students to be 5th best out of a total of 28 submitted projects and we were invited to FLEGA cafe to show off our game.

My Contributions

I was one of two programmers assigned to this project. The following features were the ones I was responsible for:
The movement (steering boosting) and shooting (aiming and firing) mechanics of the airships as well as linking these controls to the appropriate input actions using Unity's new input system.
The Different kinds of ammo types you can put in your cannons (normal shooting, shotgun spread, rapid-fire minigun and a fast-moving rocket)
The join screen logic and player management throughout the game as well as keeping track of player scores.
The functionality of some of the supply drops (ammo change, infinite boost, increased fire rate...)
Many other features, systems and bug fixes. Many features were worked on by both programmers but the ones listed above were my responsibility.