Crossy Road Remake



C++, HLSL, DirectX, PhysX


Graphics programming, Eninge programming


~40 Hours


In this project, I was tasked with making a small game using various graphics programming techniques. I worked in a basic engine that comes with DirectX, PhysX and a game loop already set up. I had to implement various systems including shadow mapping, skinned animations, sprite rendering, text rendering, particle system and post-processing.

My remake is made up of 4 different types of terrain (grass, water, road and railway). These layers are generated one after another as the player moves forward. I use a world grid to check if the player is running into a tree or jumping into a river. To check if the player is run over by a car or train I make use of colliders around the player and the vehicles.

I wrote a few custom shaders in HLSL including a geometry shader to create blades of grass, a geometry shader to create the stripes between road tiles, and a shader to customize the color of the passing cars.