Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic

Hidden object game by Rogueside


Unity, C#, Sourcetree


Bugfixing, Porting (Mobile), Controller Input

Project Description

This project is a casual hidden object game to which I contributed during my end-of-study internship at Rogueside. The game challenges the player to find various hidden items and characters in a variety of hand-drawn environments. There is a campaign of four different eras to be explored in the "story" part of the game. Players can also create their own levels using the built-in level designer and upload these levels for other players to enjoy.

My Contributions

Throughout my internship, I have performed a variety of different tasks on this project. The game was already mostly feature-complete when I started at Rogueside, so the first few weeks were mostly spent fixing various bugs and issues with the game. This helped me to get used to the codebase and the different gameplay systems of the game.

After the game released, the game was being ported to console platforms (switch, PS5 and Xbox). However, there was no proper support for controller input in the menus and windows of the game. I was responsible for creating a robust and reusable system to navigate the game using controllers.

I also worked on porting the game to Android devices. Firstly, I worked on fixing issues that prevented the game from building/booting. Secondly, the input system was expanded to allow the game to be navigated using touch inputs. Lastly, I performed many quality-of-life improvements such as modifying UI elements and text to be more readable on a small screen. Similar to the mobile port, I was responsible for fixing some issues on the steam deck, which were mostly text/UI readability and some compatibility issues.